26TH March 2019
BOOKS PUBLISHED –NOW HOW TO GET YOUR NAME OUT THERE? Finding a way through the maze of creating an author platform and still having time to write, is a major problem for many authors. But if your name isn’t out there and on people’s reading list you might as well turn off your computer & concentrate on writing letters instead. I have been on the mailing list for AUTHORS PUBLISH for some time. Reading bits here & there. Not doing too much with the info. NOW I have struck gold. I downloaded their free copy of HOW TO PROMOTE YOUR WORK edited by Caitlin Jans who is also the editor of Authors Publish Magazine. Fourteen authors have contributed to this work. I have no doubt it will take me some time to work my way through & utilise the information. I’ve set myself up a daily to do list. The contents are set out in an easy to follow index, it is the magnitude of what I’m looking at & where I go from here that has me jumping up & down.And trust me it is…

Australian Women Writers

I have been disgracefully neglecting my blog posts. Sooooo busy. Working on new novel plus advancing my online author platform and doing the markets. I love chatting to people but it can be draining doing the ones that last for six hours or so. Notice I only mentioned neglecting my writing – nothing about housework. Fortunately, I have the most wonderfully supportive husband in the world. He goes to all the markets with me and is fantastic at telling people about the books and generally promoting me as an author.
I have been doing some reviews for Goodreads. I read so many books, so as well as being a pleasure to do a review it also gets my name out there. Shameless self-promotion Peter tells me. It's okay when he does it???
I have almost finished all of Louise Penny’s books. I can get lost in the little village of Three Pines for hours.  It's on my wish list to go to Canada one day. Haven’t gotten to her latest yet. Something to look forward to.  I a…


IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE? I am not for one second discounting the world of online marketing but… The enormity of the unseen potential audience can be daunting. 
So, for now I’m working through with you the potential areas of marketing face to face.  People you can say g’day to. Share a joke. Talk about your writing experience. Or theirs.
Continuing…. Market sales. Giveaways are a great idea. A bookmark with your details- future sales online and offline, small chocolates or lollies in an eye-catching display and definitely a friendly greeting. Other giveaways? I’d love to hear your ideas.
How about hosting a book signing event? Choose your favourite coffee shop. Do up some flyers. Meet the author. Have your book signed.  I’m planning on approaching the owners of my coffee spot to do a deal- buy a book get a cup of coffee free. This is in the pipeline. So please share your thoughts.
Local library: Meet the author.  Donate a few free books. Promote good w…


Where to now? Once the first flurry has died down. Friends, family, word of mouth has slowed. What now?  This can be a bit tricky, especially if like me you are concentrating on getting your work out there at a reasonable price. Not underselling yourself, simply being realistic about what readers are prepared to pay. Not just a few but finding yourself a market at a price that people can afford.   Sales outlets- offline. 1.Markets. Great way to meet people, chat to readers, & sell some books. 2.Choosing the right market. 3.Know your demography. 4.Farmers markets: nope (shoppers looking for fruit & vege. aren’t interested in your books.) 5.Hand crafts: good. 6.General:  incorporates the best of both. 7.Be aware of special celebrations. Mother’s Day/ Father’s Day/ Christmas. Will that work for your books? Seasons: depending where you live. Summer in Nth Qld, too hot. Look at tourist season.

8.Set up your market stall to attract attention & look the successful author you are. Red…
Hey love my new look! I've gotten right into the tropical. You can almost touch those glossy leaves. I can't believe its autumn. Its still summer in the tropics. Still I am a tropical bird.

Have to admit to all sorts of problems with set up with the new design. Everything went doolally. Did I save the old design? Oops! So people please bear with me while I attempt to sort through it all. I may have to post a new photo of bald Lori unless I cease the hair tearing.


AUTHOR OR BUSINESS PERSON? You can be an artist & still have a good head for business Your books are launched, first flurry of sales has slowed, so what now? What happens now separates the authors from the business people. Gone are the days when one of the big publishing houses looked after your marketing. Now its DIY promoting or you are on that slippery downhill slope to obscurity. As well as living in the age of self-publishing we also live in the age of online opportunities. Okay so there might be a million other books out there to compete with yours, HOW DO YOU MAKE YOURS STAND OUT? Hard work & perseverance is the short answer. Let’s break that down. Getting your name out there is number one. I’ve had 1000 eye-catching bookmarks printed & I hand them out or leave them where they hopefully will be seen. I’ve started selling my books at local markets. I am exploring online sales sites other than those listed with CreateSpace/ Amazon.  I am looking at Payhip at the moment.…


What more satisfying for an author than receiving great feedback from your readers. I have always been confident in myself as a writer BUT have to admit to being a tad scared that maybe people wouldn’t like my work. Of course all of the feedback I’ve had has been positive the people who hate it have kept it to themselves. Thank you!!!! Still I’d love to hear from those of you who have read my book(s)  I really would welcome your feedback. Please share comments with me on any of my posts.
Sarah Jorgensen9:26 PM (19 hours ago)
to me Hi Lori
I just wanted to say I have just finished the first book and I LOVED IT! I couldn’t put it down. The attention to detail, the story, the journey of Emmaline was so amazing and seemed very real. What a story, I can’t wait to read the next instalment. It should be a best seller!
(you can use that as a quote if you like )
Yvonne ScottDec 4 (10 days ago)